(Fife Rape and Sexual Assault Centre) Briefing

Wednesday 6th December 2017

FRASAC Board of Directors have taken the very difficult decision to close our waiting lists due to concerns for the health and wellbeing of service users and staff. This decision will take effect immediately and will be reviewed in 12 weeks. During this period FRASAC will sign post referrals to NHS services, Rape Crisis National Helpline and provide information on other generic support services. During these 12 weeks we will be attempting to source further funding and expanding volunteer support to assist us in meeting the high demands. If further resources cannot be secured the period for closed waiting lists will have to be extended to allow us to manage the service users already on the waiting list.


FRASAC can no longer sustain the demands on our core services for survivors of Sexual Crime, waiting lists are sitting with more than 90 people requiring support. Over the past three years both waiting lists and times have continued to grow. This is despite our efforts to increase capacity, through reshaping of services and applying for funding to increase staffing levels. 

There are now concerns about the impact for survivors in languishing on waiting lists for months (we have one survivor now waiting for 383 days for support) after experiencing horrific levels of trauma and abuse. There is unacceptable stress and pressure placed on our dedicated staff and volunteers – who work tirelessly and beyond the call of duty to support survivors.  Over recent weeks there has been an avalanche of media publicity about the prevalence of sexual violence across all spectrums of society, including within the walls of Westminster and Holyrood.  It is likely that this will further increase demands on our centre.


Any inquiries regarding the above please contact Jan Swan, Centre Manager 01592 205672 or jan.swan@frasac.org.uk



RAPE CRISIS HELPLINE: 08088 01 03 02 available daily 6pm till midnight
Scottish Charity No. SC033050


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