Confidentiality for Clients

We believe that you have the right to privacy when you bring your personal

concerns to this Project.


This means we will not discuss anything about you with another person, whether it is a member of your family, a GP, a teacher, a lawyer or a worker from another agency without your permission.


However there are certain areas where we can not guarantee complete



Things we can’t keep confidential

Because of the law the following things always have to be referred to other agencies.


· Child Protection

Information you have about a child who is at risk of physical, emotional or sexual abuse.(This includes child pornography). Your Counsellor / Support Worker will discuss this with you to find the best way of taking this forward.


· Road Safety

If the police ask us for specific information about someone who has committed a driving offence we must give it to them.


· Terrorism

If a support worker receives information about an act of terrorism or a plan to commit an act, they must inform the police immediately , without discussing this with you at all.


· Money Laundering

If a support worker receives information about someone who is involved in drug laundering, they must inform the police immediately without discussing this with you at all.


Significant Harm  & Life Threatening Situations

FRASAC have a duty of care to our  service users which means that in situations where a service user may cause significant harm to themselves or others we have a duty to breach confidentiality and discuss the situation with others. i.e health professionals, police and social work where appropriate. We would always strive to inform the service user that this action is being taken but is not possible in all circumstances.


Notes and Records

We have a policy of keeping as little information as possible about people who use the Project.


All clients are allocated code numbers which are used for identification within the Project.


Names and addresses, telephone numbers and any other personal details are kept on a secure data base.


Information will only be kept for six months after a client has left the Project.



RAPE CRISIS HELPLINE: 08088 01 03 02 available daily 6pm till midnight
Scottish Charity No. SC033050


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